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semnan mining area(dolomite)



Semnan Province

Semnan Province (Persian: استان سمنان‎‎, Ostān-e Semnān ) is one of the 31 provinces of Iran. It is in the north of the country, and its center is Semnan. The province of Semnan covers an area of 96,816 square kilometers and stretches along the Alborz mountain range and borders to Dasht-e Kavir desert in its southern parts.

The province was put as part of Region 1 upon the division of the provinces into 5 regions solely for coordination and development purposes on June 22nd, 2014.

Counties of the province include Semnan, Aradan, Damghan, Shahrud, Mehdishahr, Meyami, Sorkheh, Garmsar, and Shahmirzad county. In 1996, the province had a population of about 501,000 (631,218 in 2011 [2]), and in 2005 Semnan city (the capital of the province) had a population of 119,778, and the city of Shahroud, which accounts for being the largest city of this province, had a population of 231,831.



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The province is divided into two parts: a mountainous region, and the plains at the foot of the mountains. The former offers a scope for recreational activities as well as being a source for minerals, whereas the latter encompasses some ancient cities of Iran as one of the capitals of the Parthian empire was located there. In Semnan, people have local language with special words and slang. the base of this language which it derived from is Pahlavi language the ancient language form Parthian.

Neighbours are in the north Golestan, Mazandaran, at the west Tehran, Qom, at the South Isfahan and at the East Khorasan-e Razavi.

  Physical Map of Semnan
Physical Map of Semnan


Administrative divisions

Map Shahrestan Map Key Bakhsh Center
Damghan D Central Damghan
a Amir Abad
Garmsar G Central Garmsar
a Aradan
e Eyvanakey
Mehdishahr m Central Mehdishahr
' Shahmirzad
Semnan S Central Semnan
s Sorkheh
Shahrud Sh Central Shahrud
bd Biarjmand
bm Mayami
m Bastam
Neighbor Provinces: E: Esfahan, G: Golestan, M: Mazandaran, NKh: North Khorasan, Q: Qom, RKh: Razavi Khorasan, T: Tehran, Y: Yazd



Semnan can be divided into sixteen sectors from the old days of Avesta. During the Medes and Achaemenid periods, it accounted for being one of the largest provinces of the empire.

During the Islamic era, Semnan was part of the historical region of Gomess or Komesh, and the Silk Road paved its way from the midst of this region. Needless to say, the province was witness to numerous wars.

The Cultural Historical Heritage Organization of Iran lists 470 sites of historical and cultural heritage such as palaces, forts, castles, caravansarais, ab anbars, and badgirs, in Semnan. In addition to these there are various religious and sacred places as well.

Mehdishahr County

Mehdishahr County (Persian: )شهرستان مهدی‌شهر‎‎) is a county in Semnan Province in Iran. The capital of the county is Mehdishahr. It was separated from Semnan County in 2007. According to the 2006 census, the county's population was 42,093, in 11,573 families.The county has two districts: the Central District and Shahmirzad District. The county has three cities:Mehdishahr, Shahmirzad , and Darjazin.


Shahmirzad City

Shahmirzad (Persian: شهميرزاد ‎‎, Native Name شامرزا) is a town located in the north of Iran, and on the southern slopes of the Alborz Mountains. Permanent population of the town was recorded as 7,273 people, 1,860 families in the 2006 census. During summer, the town's population rises to up to 40,000 people, as tourists visit the town for its fine climate and its popular gardens.

Shahmirzad has been home to people of diverse ethnic backgrounds, a large group of whom seasonally settled in cities and towns of Mazandaran, such as Babol, Sari, Neka, and Behshahr. During the past decades many Muslim, Bahai, and Shahmirzadi Jews, migrated to larger cities in Iran and abroad, most notably San Francisco Bay Area.

Shahmirzadi language (شامرزایی), is a Caspian language close to Mazandarani and Gilaki.

Shahmirzad's walnut orchard with the size of 700 ha is noted by the UN, Food and Agriculture Organization, as the largest of its kind in the world. Shahmirzadi homeowners are given a proprietary interest in the walnut orchard in proportion to the amount of land they own in the village. Shahmirzad also produces mineral water "Tenab Shahmirzad".



Shahmirzad Dolomite Mine

This exploration area first registered in 2008(1388) in Semnan province as Dolomite area. The area is about 5.8 km2.


1/30000 map of Semnan Mining Area



Geographical position and available ways

Shahmirzad Dolomite Mine is in south-east of Shahmirzad City.

 The area is about 9 km far from Shahmirzad.

For reaching the exploration area after going through Semnan city (capital of Semnan province) and passing Mehdi Shahr(Sangar) and then Shahmirzad city , after 9 km driving toward Sari city from Sari-Shahmirzad road you can find the area.

An industrial city 2 km before reaching the area appears. Exactly in front of the area in the east of the road there is Sophian village. Total space of the area is 5.8 km2.

The area has a desert mountain weather and you can mining in 9 months of the year.


Topography of area

The main morphology of experimental area is a horseshoe shape mountain that is named Beshm. The highest mountain of the area is about 2850 m. River system of the area is form east to east/south. The slope of the area in the west is very high but in the east you can find a lime slope.


Minerals of the area

The minerals that find in the area are :

1)Dolomite (Mg(CaCo3)2)

2)Silica : in two places

3)Lead : in one area

4)Iron & Copper : in small places

5)MARBLE : in four colors and in huge piles. (white, red, pink and grey)


Mineral Analyses



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